Why should you use professional property photography?

Professional property photographers help Estate Agents with the most important aspects of their business – gaining new instructions and selling property. Professional property photographers can also increase the final agreement price of your instructions.

The benefits of professional property photography

There are many benefits of professional property photography for Estate Agents.

  1. Your images should be awesome.
  2. You can market your business as using a dedicated ‘professional property photographer’.
  3. There will be more acitivity on your website, listings and telephones!
  4. More interest in your properties which means a potential higher final sale value.
  5. Amazing photographs will help you gain more instructions.
  6. Very quick image turnaround times, usually under 48 hours.
  7. Images can be custom sized for your website and property selling channels.

How does it work?

Currently, I am offering a free trial property to any new Estate Agents in Bristol and the surrounding areas. To find out more, simply contact me.

Future bookings require a very short email or telephone call to check availability. I arrive at the property at the agreed time to meet you or the vendor. The property photographs are taken. When I arrive back at the office the images are edited, uploaded to online storage from which they can be downloaded from. I try to make the process as quick and streamlined as possible.

Marketing for Estate Agents from a property photographers point of view

For us photographers, it’s quite simple. Make excellent images and put them in front of people who can hire us. For Estate Agents, it’s a bit more complicated. Put simply, you have to keep attracting new instructions while selling the existing instructions. Professional property photographers have a solution to both of these – persuasive photography.

As a professional property photographer I have a good 20+ vendors contact me each year asking for photographs. These properties range from the low end of the market to high end. There is definitely an expectation of good photographs today.

Even now, when I look through listings on Rightmove or Zoopla I still see photographs which have pets, , bins, dirty windows, or photographs taken from strange angles. It’s not good for your instructions and it’s not good for your reputation.

I appreciate there is a cost implication to professional property photography but I offer a range of property photography prices to suit all Agents. Not only will your team have more time for more constructive activities but you will also be improving that all so important repuation.